Pacific Atelier International, LLC (PAI) is an architectural design firm with extensive experience in many aspects of the profession. Since its establishment in 1995 in Honolulu, PAI is committed to achieve design excellence with sensibility for the multicultural Hawaiian community.

Who Are We

Pacific Atelier International, LLC (PAI) is a boutique architectural firm with extensive experience in many aspects of the profession. Since its establishment in 1995 in Honolulu, PAI is committed to achieve design excellence with sensibility and respect for the multicultural Hawaiian community.

The design philosophy of the practice is based on architecture as a social art to create buildings and spaces which inspire the individual user, express the collective aspirations for a better future, and enhance the unique natural environment of Hawai’i. Free from stylistic preconceptions, PAI believes that the form of a given project evolves in direct response to program requirements, client expectations, specific site conditions, and budget constraints into a cohesive design informed by history, culture, and human behavior.

Design Methodology: PAI’s approach to architectural design aims to express the ‘content’ of the issues at hand in whatever physical form most appropriate and significant. To achieve this end we offer the same design methodology we have applied over the years in our professional practice based, not on principles or theories, but on four ‘constants’ which we use to check the validity of the design throughout the design process: (1) the definition of a place through sequence of rooms as constituent parts, (2) the language of space understood as an internal or external definition in the formulation of an itinerary, (3) resonance as an essential quality of architecture, and (4) the development of an architectural aesthetic based upon a building’s accessibility, clarity, and power to elucidate its meaning and relationships.

Fabrizio Medosi, President 

Fabrizio has over 40 years of experience in creating inspired works of architecture. He has compiled an award-winning portfolio of residential, commercial and resort projects throughout the Hawaiian Islands. View Fabrizio’s RESUME

Hannah Wong, Principal Architect

Hannah received her training from University of Texas at Austin. Her keen eye on space design and master planning have served her clients well in a diverse portfolio of projects. View Hannah’s RESUME

Little did I know when I met Fabrizio Medosi about 25 years ago that I had stumbled upon a treasure trove of a man. Since that time, and until today, I have worked with him on numerous projects and served with him on several committees. He is not only a person of vision and profound integrity, but he also has an integral understanding and knowledge of the applicable codes and processes essential to his profession. He is no stranger to hard work, and is thoroughly dedicated to serving his clients in a very professional and pleasant manner.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL by William Blaisdell, 2022

We are very happy with the way Hannah helped me to design my new home to accommodate my now 99 year old mother and making it easy for her to age in place. She loves how spacious her bedroom and bathroom is. The wide hallways and doorways allows her plenty of walking room with her cane. If she ever gets to the point of needing a walker or wheelchair, she will still be able to maneuver the home easily. The “wheelchair parking space” that Hannah designed for a future wheelchair currently holds a glass cabinet that displays all of her treasured mementos. We are very pleased and look forward to living in my forever home for generations to come.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL by Susan Akamine, 2023