Pacific Atelier International, LLC (PAI) is an architectural design firm with extensive experience in many aspects of the profession. Since its establishment in 1995 in Honolulu, PAI is committed to achieve design excellence with sensibility for the multicultural Hawaiian community.



“Build less, demolish less and reuse” is the theme of this competition entry. The proposed future skyscraper is not a building, but a vertical framework, which is composed of stacks of lots. Such framework has a fixed width, sixteen feet. Three modular lengths are designated for this competition, which are 30, 40 and 50 feet. These units may be separated into four quarters for transportation convenience. Tenants can choose a size and design the interior space. Once they select their unit, they may transport the unit from the ground via an elevator system to their lot in the sky, called SkyLot. If the tenants decide to move to another framework in the network, they will unplug their modular unit from the SkyLot, and move.

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