El Capricho

El Capricho

Pacific Atelier entered an international design competition for a Contemporary Art Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The design echoes to the vibrant and fun dance of Tango with a series of dynamic architectural forms, ranging from an open cone, ribbon-weaving facade, ribbed roof and waving ceiling. It also creates a dialogue with the adjacent Puente de la Mujer bridge and Casa Rosada. Natural day-lighting plays an important role in the exhibition galleries. Diffused light from various directions create very interesting quality for the interior.

Green House Project

Pacific Atelier received an Honorable Mention in The Green House® Project, a senior living facility design competition. Because most of the time senior tenants may be staying in door, the design emphasizes users’ connections to nature. This project featured a central courtyard at each living complex. Natural light infiltrates each residential rooms while well-shaded by adjacent landscaping.  View video of this project.

Dawn Town

The competition was to provide a public icon and Museum Park to revitalize the waterfront of Downtown Miami. Pacific Atelier’s design theme was “Fun, Whimsical and… a Little Vain.” A colonnade of eight colorful 20-feet high glass sculptures and one 45-feet high Visitor Center in the shape of a shaker in stainless steel by master glass artists Lino Tagliapietra and Dale Chihuly were the main features.



“Build less, demolish less and reuse” is the theme of this competition entry. The proposed future skyscraper is not a building, but a vertical framework, which is composed of stacks of lots. Such frame work has a fixed width, sixteen feet. Three modular lengths are designated for this competition, which are 30, 40 and 50 feet. These units may be separates into four quarters for transportation convenience. Tenants will can choose a size and design the interior space. Once they select their unit, they may transport the unit from the ground via an elevator system to their lot in the sky, called SkyLot. If the tenants decide to move to another framework in the network, they will unplug their modular unit from the SkyLot, and move.

Union Staton

Union Station 2020 is an international design ideas competition for the conversion of Chicago’s Union Station into a high-speed rail hub, market and meeting place.

Project narrative:
Town planning by mathematical repetition of land squares organized along two orthogonal axes, cardus (Main Street) and decumanus (Tenth Street), has been a successful model for many American cities poised to become 20th century metropolises.

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Pacific Atelier International ( PAI ) was founded in 1995 with a commission for a 17-story independent living facility resulting in numerous awards and recognition from the state and city for it’s contribution to our community’s seniors. Since then Pacific Atelier has grown into an internationally diverse firm with projects ranging from high-end residential homes to some of Hawaii’s most famous and highly visited facilities including the Maui Ocean Center, and the Dole Plantation’s New Store Expansion.

We believe that, because we do not try to superimpose an ideology of building or consistency of style thus imposing ourselves on our client, our “ways of understanding” and “ways of seeing” give us the methodology to address all aspects of architecture in their specificity no matter the scale or the budget.

Unlike the familiar image of unity of the machine, architecture for us retains the complexities of life with its continuous renewal of individual and collective aspirations.

We are Pacific Atelier.

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